Waiting for Spring

I have just watered my plants, and now I am sitting by the window, watching the setting sun. The line of orange along the horizon is fading as I type this.

One week of April has already gone by, and it still feels very much like winter here.

Right now it is 36 degrees …

I wanted to share how the ivy that I had propagated is doing. There are now new leaves! I have been watering it about once a week.

Isn’t there something so wonderful about watching growth – watching a new leaf unfold, growing a bit more each day?

March 15

March 30
April 2
April 4


I also bought a new ivy plant.

The roots have grown on this spider plant I propagated.

Roots …
I put the ivy and the spider plant I had propagated into pots.

About a week ago, I heard the wood frogs.

The first signs of spring – listening to the frogs and the birds in the evening

The evening light was so beautiful right after the rain …

After the rain

Plants & a pillow ~ I have been taking photos of some pillows for my shop
Air purifying plants – ivy, golden pothos, and spider plant
A dried fern from last year – I am looking forward to the forest becoming green once again in only a short time …

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