Plant Baskets

I think plants look lovely in baskets – inside or outside, there is just something so natural about baskets as an alternative to ordinary planters. Of course, even with a basket you will still need some kind of pot (as you cannot plant directly in a basket).

Here I will be focusing on baskets for indoor plants – baskets that are alternatives to traditional planters or plant stands. There are so many beautiful plant baskets to choose from – here are some different brands, styles, colors and sizes.

1. DUFMOD Woven Seagrass Basket

These baskets are available in three sizes. They are made from sustainably grown seagrass and are handwoven. I love the different color options! The natural color is probably my favorite, but they also have aquamarine blue and white.

2. Deco 79 Seagrass Baskets

This set of 3 baskets is perfect for displaying several different sized plants. I love the beige color, and I think the clean, simple shape would go well with other minimal decor.

3. Jeteven Seagrass Basket

This seagrass basket could be used for a larger plant. I do like the pattern, although it probably would not work in every space.

4. Jeteven Large Basket

This is another large basket. It is the same brand and style as the last one, but this basket has a slightly less pronounced pattern, so I think it would be more versatile.

5. Minimino Basket

This is another large seagrass basket, but it is slightly different because it is solid black – I had never seen a black plant basket until I came across this one.

6. KINGSO Basket

These baskets have a very natural, imperfect look to them … which I really love. I think that this style might actually be my favorite. They are available in two sizes and are actually foldable – so it would be very easy to store one of these.

7. Kouboo Planter Basket

I love the texture of this basket. It is large enough for an indoor tree – I think a fiddle leaf fig would look so beautiful in this basket.

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