How to Care for a String of Pearls Succulent 

The string of pearls is one of my favorite succulents. It is also very easy to care for – in fact, I have found that compared to most plants, it barely requires any care. 
Place your string of pearls in a spot where it will get enough sunlight. It does not need to be right beside a window. However, it does need light – so it should be near a window. 

You can also hang the plant from the wall or ceiling – just be sure it is near a window and getting light rather than in a dark corner. 

Water only when the soil is dry. The pearls can also be a good indicator of when the plant needs water. When you see one start to shrivel, it is time to water. But do not water your plant any more often than this – overwatering will harm your string of pearls. 

I probably only water my string of pearls about once a month. They really do not need as much water as most other indoor plants. 

If you have any questions about caring for a string of pearls succulent just leave a comment below. 

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