How to Sell Art Online

I have received some emails and messages asking for advice about selling art online – how to start a shop, how I have my art printed on products – so I thought I would make a post with my advice. 

1. Different Ways to Sell Art 

You can sell original art, art prints, products with your art printed on them – you can even sell printable/digital art … These are just a few options for selling your art. In this post I will be focusing on selling art prints and selling products with your art printed on them, such as mugs, notebooks, pillows and other home decor items. 

1. Your Own Website

First I would recommend having your own website. Even if you plan on selling on other venues as well, it is always a good idea to have your own site.


I use Shopify for my online store, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of selling online. Shopify makes it easy to create an online shop and start selling. 

You can try shopify for free here:

Shopify is so easy to use and is a good choice if you want to create your own website but don’t have experience with programming or website development. With shopify you don’t need to have experience creating websites. Anyone can use shopify to create an online store.
The Shopify App Store has so many free apps for your shop.

You can also easily sell on Pinterest with Shopify using buyable pins.

2. Manufacturers

Next you will need to find manufacturers to work with – they will produce art prints for you, or print your art onto products. 

This is another reason why I love Shopify. If you visit the Shopify app store you will find different manufacturers.


One of these manufacturers that you can connect to your Shopify website is Printful. If you would like to sell art prints, I would recommend printful. They produce prints in a variety of sizes. And they also offer other items such as phone cases, pillows, tee shirts, other clothing, and tote bags. 

You can sign up for Printful here:

3. Etsy

You can also start an Etsy shop. I would recommend having both your own website and an Etsy shop. 

I was thinking of writing a post all about starting an Etsy shop and everything I have learned – if you would like more tips and advice about selling on Etsy please let me know in the comments below.

4. Marketing 

Once you start your shop you will need to begin promoting your business. 

I love Instagram and Pinterest. I would definitely recommend starting both an Instagram account and a Pinterest account in the same name as your shop. Then be sure to include social media links in your store, and in your social media profiles put a link to your website. 

This is my Instagram account:

Be consistent and post daily – maybe even twice a day, especially when you are starting. Your photos are so important when you are selling online, since buyers cannot see your items in person. 
And this is my Pinterest account:

If you would like more advice about selling art or setting up your online shop I would love to help. You can comment below if you have any questions, or you can always email me. 


Try Shopify for free here & start your own online shop today:

Use Printful to have your art made into prints & printed on a variety of products:

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