10 Air Purifying Plants for your Home

In this post I wanted to share my ten favorite indoor plants that purify the air. 

If you have any favorites to add to the list leave comment below!


  1. Snake Plant

This is one of the best choices if you want to purify the air in your home. The snake plant helps by filtering out chemicals such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. 

You can purchase a snake plant here.

  1. Peace Lily

This is a beautiful flowering plant that also helps remove common pollutants from the air. It also does not need direct sunlight, so you have more options as to where you choose to place it in your home.

You can purchase a peace lily here.

  1. Aloe

Although I love aloe plants, I had never realized that they help to purify the air.

Start with this collection of three different aloe plants.

  1. Golden Pothos

Golden pothos, or devil’s ivy, is extremely easy to grow. It is is one of the most popular indoor plants.

You can buy a golden pothos here.

  1. Dwarf Date Palm

There are several palm trees that you can choose from, and they will all help purify the air in your home – but I just particularly like the look of this one. You can choose whichever variety you prefer.

This palm plant would be a lovely addition to your home.

  1. English Ivy

Ivy is one of my favorite indoor plants. It looks so lovely on a shelf by a window or as a hanging plant. 

  1. Spider Plant

The spider plant is another low maintenance option. It is also perfect if you don’t have much room – it can be placed in a spare corner since it does not need to be right by a window in direct sunlight.

  1. Boston Fern

This is another low maintenance choice – the most popular type of indoor fern. You can set it on a side table or hang it to add some green to your home, while helping clean the air.

  1. Rubber Plant

This is a lovely plant with large, thick leaves. It is not hard to care for – but it will grow to be quite large, so keep that in mind.

You can purchase a rubber plant here.

  1. Bamboo Palm

Last on my list is another type of palm: the bamboo palm. It is wonderful for removing harmful formaldehydes and carbon monoxide – and looks lovely in any living space. However, since it is a large plant, you will need to have more space. 

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