Etsy Finds: Copper Planters 

All of these planters and plant stands are made by Etsy sellers. 


1. This hanging planter is a modern version of the Finnish Himmeli planters. It is completely handcrafted from a sheet of brass.

2. These copper planters with air plants are also bells.

3. These tiny marble and copper planters are from the shop Little Deer Interiors.

4. This handmade concrete planter from the shop Etta and Odie comes with a copper plant stand.

5. These planters are actually made from copper pipes. They can be used for succulents or air plants.

6. This triangular wall planter is from the Etsy shop Concept Fusion, and can be hung inside or outside.

2 thoughts on “Etsy Finds: Copper Planters 

    1. Hi,
      I am sorry – I thought I had included the links but somehow they were not showing up and I had not realized – thank you for letting me know! I have now updated the post with the links.


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