Paintings & Plants

I wanted to share some new paintings … and new plants.

First, here is what I have been painting in the last few weeks …

gathering ferns to paint

sketching the fern
the finished fern painting – and the fern I used as inspiration
another fern

Just some quick fern paintings

a forest painting – now in my shop as a print and on several other items

and blue flowers … maybe I will make some patterns with these flowers

I also bought two new plants … aloe vera and ivy. I had been wanting another ivy plant and an aloe plant as they both help clean the air.

Before I put them in new pots


the moon this evening

Mid-May in the Garden

Everything is beginning to grow! I love watching what I plant grow a bit more each day, and then finally being able to harvest what began as mere tiny seeds. And although that time is still far off, there has been so much change since I last posted.🌱

The seeds I planted in this raised bed are starting to come up.

And the onions are coming up as well.



Planting bean seeds

A little patch of violets

A walk in the forest


I am so glad that May is here at last …🌱

Here are a few updates and photos from the first days of May.

It has finally been warm enough for planting!

I planted onions, lettuce, turnips, carrots and beets.

The first leaves are here and the forest is slowly becoming green again. It was actually very hot yesterday (it felt like a summer day) but it was still nice to walk through the woods and see the first bits of green emerging – tiny leaves ready to unfold, wildflowers on the forest floor …

Here is a photo of the ivy plant that I had propagated from a cutting – I am so glad that it seems to be doing well. There are several new leaves!

I love this photo – plants and books in the evening light.☺️

May is truly the most beautiful month …


Spring Evenings

All winter I look forward to spring evenings – the last songs of the birds echoing from the depths of the forest, the sounds of the frogs, the light rain, the soft, cool breeze …

Everything is waking up, and it is so wonderful to witness such a transformation.

I often find myself hating the long months of winter. Yet without winter, there could be no spring.

Now this season of early spring is coming to an end. The first leaves are starting to appear, and before long everything will be green again.

the moon’s reflection
a walk in the woods
the waxing moon
in the moonlight

Waiting for Spring

I have just watered my plants, and now I am sitting by the window, watching the setting sun. The line of orange along the horizon is fading as I type this.

One week of April has already gone by, and it still feels very much like winter here.

Right now it is 36 degrees …

I wanted to share how the ivy that I had propagated is doing. There are now new leaves! I have been watering it about once a week.

Isn’t there something so wonderful about watching growth – watching a new leaf unfold, growing a bit more each day?

March 15

March 30
April 2
April 4


I also bought a new ivy plant.

The roots have grown on this spider plant I propagated.

Roots …
I put the ivy and the spider plant I had propagated into pots.

About a week ago, I heard the wood frogs.

The first signs of spring – listening to the frogs and the birds in the evening

The evening light was so beautiful right after the rain …

After the rain

Plants & a pillow ~ I have been taking photos of some pillows for my shop
Air purifying plants – ivy, golden pothos, and spider plant
A dried fern from last year – I am looking forward to the forest becoming green once again in only a short time …

Green Inside, Snow Outside

a photo from last week, right after the storm

There was another snowstorm here last week. Hopefully soon it will start to feel like spring. In the meantime I thought I would share some photos and updates about my plants …

I am starting a new ivy plant from this cutting.

I also repotted this spider plant recently. Here it is in the new pot – it has grown so much in the past few months.

I took a piece from the end of one of the stems and put in water, and then I will put it in a pot once the roots start to grow.

I took photos of these pillows from my shop with some plants. 🌱

golden pothos and a throw pillow from my shop

plants and pillows

And here are several notebooks from my shop.

I will be having a sale during the last week of March! It will be starting in several days.

I am going to try to post here more often. I will be posting about plants, gardening, nature, my shop, and so much more …


In Between Storms …

The first days of March have already brought several storms of wind, rain, and a bit of snow – with more snow coming this week.

a wind storm
cacti inside, rain outside

Yesterday was a very still, silent day in the forest – a day without wind or rain, and with only a few traces of snow remaining.

Only the sounds of the streams broke the silence.

a little stream in the forest ❤️

These succulents are growing so quickly – Jade, Echeveria, and Haworthia.

I love this ginger tea. It is perfect for these last cold evenings!

I am looking forward to April, when the leaves will begin to appear and everything will slowly start becoming green once again.

an old rock wall – so beautiful
from a tea bag